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We all deserve simple, affordable dental care. Whether you want to pick and pay for services as you need them, or subscribe and save with a prevention plan, we’ve got your back (and your mouth).

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Get the flexibility to book and pay for care as needed. Great to access low rates and save on services when you’re paying out of pocket.

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  • Competitive discounts on dental care
  • Rewards for timely visits
  • Flat booking fee
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Experts recommend everyone have dental checkups twice per year to maintain optimal oral health. Pay monthly for the best value on this preventative care and pay as you go for the rest. A good option for those without other dental coverage and to ensure you’re taking the best care of your teeth.

$25 per month (on a 1 year plan)

  • 2 annual check-ups
    (2 exams, 2 cleanings, annual x-rays)
  • Dedicated concierge support
  • Competitive discounts on dental care
  • Rewards for timely visits
  • No booking fees
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The quipcare+ difference

Most expensive, painful to treat oral health issues can be avoided by brushing for two minutes, twice a day, and by visiting the dentist twice a year. That’s why we created quipcare+. Perfect for those who understand the value of preventative dental care and seek the best possible rates.

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Comprehensive check-up

Exam, cleaning, annual x-rays


During your first visit, your dentist will spend extra time getting to know you (and your teeth) with a thorough new-patient exam, including a cleaning and annual x-rays.

Comprehensive exam

Your dentist learns about your dental history and checks your head, neck, and mouth for any signs of tooth damage, gum disease, oral cancer, and TMJ (i.e. balance and alignment of your bite).

Annual preventative x-rays

Unless you bring x-rays from your previous dentist, your first visit will include a comprehensive set of radiographs (i.e. photos) of your teeth, roots, and surrounding bones below the surface. They’ll be retaken every 1-2 years or as needed.

Professional cleaning

A licensed hygienist will scrub every tooth surface to remove plaque and tartar, floss all the hard-to-reach places, polish for a fine clean, and applies a fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities as needed.

Routine check-up

Exam and cleaning


Follow-up visits are recommended every 6 months for routine cleaning, and to track any changes that could signal a potential problem.

Periodic exam

Your dentist examines every tooth to track changes that could impact your oral health and help you correct course. Your head, neck, and mouth are also checked for signs of damage, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Professional cleaning

A licensed hygienist scrubs every surface of your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, flosses all the hard-to-reach places, polishes for a fine clean, and applies a cavity-fighting fluoride treatment as needed.


Save on more services

quipcare and quipcare+ give you access to great rates on more than just preventative check-ups. Become a member to save 30% or more on treatments and restoration too.

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Frequently asked questions

How are quipcare and quipcare+ different?
The most important difference is costs for preventative care. quipcare has no membership fee with access to over a hundred discounted dental services, while quipcare+ membership is $25 per month with the same discounted services, two annual check-ups included, and no booking fees. quipcare+ saves over $200 per year on preventative care versus pay as you go with quipcare, and when compared to the average costs for annual check-ups in your local area, quipcare+ can actually save you over 60%.
Why should I upgrade to quipcare+?
Included preventative care, plain and simple. Dentists recommend two annual check-ups to clean your teeth and catch problems early, before they become pricey and painful to fix. For just $25 monthly, members can upgrade to quipcare+ to get the best deal on two annual preventative check-ups, and no booking fees for any type of visit. The annual cost of quipcare+ equals just one comprehensive check-up with pay as you go quipcare.
Can I cancel my membership?
Yes! You can cancel your quipcare membership at anytime, and within 30 days of signing up for quipcare+. After 30 days, you’ll have all the perks and savings that come with our upgraded plan for 1 year.
What is a quipcare rate?
This is the price you’ll pay to a provider for your service. We pre-negotiate rates for all common dental services with dentists to save you money. On average, quipcare rates can save you 40% or more on preventative care and 30% or more on other services (compared to average provider charges in your local area), which makes membership a great deal for just about everyone. If you need a specialized or uncommon dental service that is not covered by the quipcare fee schedule, your quipcare dentist will offer you a 20% discount off their normal charges for the service.
What is an average rate?
This is based on third party pricing data from millions of regional visits each year to determine average regional prices for services regularly covered by commercial insurance. We then price our preventative care provider fees at 40%+ off regional providers’ average charges and treatments and regularly covered restorative care at 30%+ off.